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In Home and Community Supports

Supports we provide

  • Finding an Apartment
    • Looking, applying, communicating with the landlord, and entering into a lease agreement
  • Creating and Keeping a Budget
    • Figuring out and tracking your income  and expenses so you always know what you can spend
  • Meal Planning and Shopping
    • With  the right plan you can eat healthier and tastier, for less money
  • Public Transportation
    • Exploring all the ways you can get to where you are going on your budget
  • Learning to Drive
    • If you don't  know, we can give you lessons and guide you up and through the road test
  • Cooking Lessons
    • Learn your favorites  and you can make them yourself
  • Cleaning Lessons
    • Planning and executing so your place remains nice
  • Making and Keeping a Schedule
    • A busier life means more  to keep track of, and we can help you learn this
  • Socializing in the Community
    • This can feel daunting, but with some learned skills and lots of  practice it  doesn't have to be overwhelming
  • Making Friends
    • Learning how  to interpret  others,  to be a good friend, and avoid being taken advantage of
  • Dating and Relationships
    • Same as making friends, but with a romantic outcome
  • Navigating Conversations
    • This can be easier than it looks with some coaching and skills practice and development
  • Mitigating ASD Symptoms
    • Learning what to do in the moment so you are less constrained by neurodivergent experiences
  • Adopting Hobbies
    • Explore how to make the most of  your special interests and even connect  with others with the same
  • Creating a Personal Goal Plan
    • We do this together when you start, but when you no longer need us, you will be able to do this on your own
  • Doing taxes
    • Deciding whether to do your own or use  a service. Yes, we can teach you how to do your own
  • Further education
    • Exploring your  interests and finding the right placement for you and all that comes with it
  • Help with Replacement Documents: License/ State ID; Social Security Card; Birth Certificate; etc.
    • Whatever you need to navigate the community and learning how to do it

And so much more! Our goal is to help you live your best life in the community, whatever that looks like for you!

Supportive Living Services, Inc.

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