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Autism Support Program for Adults


Supportive Living Services (SLS) launched a brand-new program in early 2023 to address the lack of support and services for neurodivergent adults over the age of 18 with an autism diagnosis but without an intellectual disability.

The Autism Support Program at SLS provides uniquely designed services and support to individuals in their own home or community setting. These services are intended to increase an individual’s independence and achieve specific dreams and goals based on an individual service plan developed by the individual and team. In keeping with our mission statement, we see that a great many individuals have the capacity to succeed in the community but might need additional support to get started.

Services provided in the Autism Support Program include:

Supported Employment

Individuals interested in finding meaningful employment will receive support from SLS staff to gain and sustain employment. Understanding that having a job can be a gateway to independence, we offer both job finding and development as well as job coaching and support while moving through every step of the process. At SLS we are firmly committed to honoring the agency of our clients in finding work that they will find engaging, rewarding, and in alignment with the skill and interests of the job seeker. Interested in knowing more, please click below.

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In-Home and Community Supports

This service is intended to support individuals to learn and maintain skills in their home and community. The focus of this program is to promote independence tailored to the needs of the individual; including but not limited to independent living, transportation, socialization, and connecting to additional resources. Our goal is to help you live your best life in the community, whatever that looks like for you. Interested in knowing more, please click below.

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Community Participation Supports

Interested individuals may receive this service, based solely in the community to help promote inclusion. When receiving this service an individual can expect to build employment skills, explore the community, develop relationships, and locate volunteering opportunities. This service is intended to help individuals build confidence and a level of comfort when out in the community. Interested in knowing more, please click below.

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This program is for adults (18+) with an ASD diagnosis but without an Intellectual Disability. An individual will need to have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder via the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) or equivalent measure.

An individual will need to receive a Supports Coordination Service.
Questions regarding eligibility can be directed to the local Department of Human Services at (814)-451-6800 or Email us here.

If eligible, a Supports Coordinator will complete a referral to SLS to begin the intake process.

Questions? Please contact the Autism Program Director:

Michelle Wolf
Phone: 814-413-0016
Cell: 716-465-8736

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