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About Us

About SLS

Supportive Living Services (SLS) is a non-profit, community-based organization focused on providing quality services and supports to individuals diagnosed with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. We provide care to individuals who chose to live in our residential homes and also provide support to individuals who live in their own homes.

Founded in July 1983 originally as Human Development of Erie, we provided service to sixteen people in residential home settings. As our organization continued to expand and establish itself in the Erie community, we changed our name to Supportive Living Services, Inc. in the spring of 1998. Today we serve more than 50 residents in 15 group home settings and support over 40 individuals living in the community through our Bridge Program. SLS is proud to offer the following services and supports:

We Believe Every Person Should Live The Best Life Possible

While our name was changed and our services have expanded, we have remained committed to our mission. We know that the “best life possible” means many different things to many different people. We hope to reveal what the best life possible means to each individual we support. SLS seeks to be transparent and accountable to the individuals and families who choose to receive service from us. Open and honest communication is something we value when discussing how we can best support each individual.

Our Core Values


We want people to know that we mean what we say. We believe you must do the right thing even when no one is watching.


We have a high regard for each person with an appreciation of the diversity of beliefs and values.


We believe in treating others with decency and grace.

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Supportive Living Services, Inc.

3901 Pacific Ave.
Erie, PA 16506

Phone: (814) 454-1252

Fax: (814) 456-3133