Residential Services

Supportive Living of Erie offers residential services where individuals live in a traditional home setting throughout the City of Erie and Erie County. Staff members assist individuals to meet their needs. This may include but is not limited to; transportation to work, doctor’s appointments or activities in the community. Our direct care staff assist individuals with all of their hygienic needs from getting dressed, bathing, brushing their teeth or shaving.

Our residential program also includes specific goals tailored to the individual to help them achieve their desired outcomes and to fully participate in the community. Residents, accompanied by staff members, enjoy many community activities. Concerts, shopping, sporting events and church functions are just a few of the examples that the individuals enjoy on a daily basis if they choose to do so. Individual freedom and choice for our residents is integral to everything at Supportive Living Services. In the residential program, meals are prepared for the clients if necessary or the staff may help the resident in cooking a meal.

The residential staff may also administer medications and help them with their medical needs if necessary. Each individual in the residential setting has his or her own bedroom. The staff members help the client maintain their bedroom and personalize it to their personality and needs. The overall goal of the residential setting at Supportive Living Services is to offer support for our individuals in a traditional home setting.

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