Supportive Living Services 

“We believe every person should live the best life possible.”

Supportive Living Services 

“We believe every person should live the best life possible.”

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”

Norman Vincent Peale

About Us

Supportive Living Services, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation that provides quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The agency started providing residential services July 1, 1983. Originally named Human Development of Erie, Inc., our mission was to assist developmentally disabled adults achieve their maximum potential for independence, while guarding their rights so no resident would be coerced to do anything against his/her will.

In July of 1983, we served sixteen people in group homes and in a semi-independent living situation. Today we provide a variety of services including residential services, home and community habilitation and companion services; individualized services and representative payee services. We serve fifty residents in fifteen group home settings and support twenty-one in independent living.

Our name was changed to Supportive Living Services, Inc. in 1998. We continued to provide quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities by treating them with dignity and respect and encouraging each person receiving service to make choices and decisions about their life, attain their maximum potential for independence and become integrated into their community. Over the years our agency has grown.


INTEGRITY: We want people to know that we mean what we say.  We believe you must do the right thing even when no one is watching.

RESPECT: We have a high regard for each person with an appreciation of the diversity of beliefs and values.

DIGNITY: We believe in treating others with decency and grace.


Residential Services

Supportive Living of Erie offers residential services where individuals live in a traditional home setting throughout the City of Erie and Erie County. Staff members assist individuals to meet their needs. 



Home and Community Habilitation

Our Home and Community Habilitation program assists individuals in acquiring, maintaining, and improving self-help, domestic, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and  …more

Individualized Services

Supportive Living Services, Inc. strives to provide individualized services to clients in all of our programs. We are dedicated to ensuring that the participants we work with are afforded opportunities to make decisions that affect their lives.  …more

Representative Payee Service

The payee is responsible for managing the financial transactions of the individuals receiving our services and others throughout the community who need help to manage or direct the management of his/her Social Security,  …more

Companion Services

Companion Service is provided to individuals with intellectual disabilities who live in a private residence. This service provides supervision of necessary care and minimal assistance that is focused on health and safety of the individual and  …more

Additional Individual Services

Additional Individual Services are provided to clients that may no longer be in a traditional day program setting. Many of the individuals who participate in Supportive Living Services AIS program consider themselves ‘retired’ and  … more


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